Audubon's Warbler Kern Audubon Society Officers

The Executive Board of KAS consists of the elected officers and chairs of standing committees as listed below. Executive Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month and are open to interested KAS members. The Board has oversight of the business and activities of the chapter and reports to the Society at monthly meetings. If you have questions or ideas for KAS, please feel free to contact any of the Executive Board members listed below:


Kevin Fahey, Education Coordinator - 661-706-7459

Harry Love, Conservation - 661-805-1420

Sasha Honig, Secretary - 661-325-0026

Ginny Dallas, Programs - 661-301-8188

Linda McMillian, Membership - 661-205-3521

Madi Elsea, Warbler Editor - 661-322-7470

Margaret Dolan, Treasurer - 661-330-9059

Mark Hodson, Member-at-Large - 661-699-8415

Mac McCarthy, Member-at-Large

Mona Sidhu, Member-at-Large - 661-800-8970



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