Audubon's Warbler
The Audubon's Warbler photo in this site is used with the permission of Joseph V. Higbee. Throughout this site it is a link back to this page.

About Kern Audubon
Founded in Bakersfield in 1973, incorporated in 1979, Kern Audubon Society began a re-birth in 2006 after a four year hiatus. New and renewing members and officers are joining together to make the KAS a thriving environmental organization in Kern County. The Chapter has been re-certified by the National Audubon Society and we are planning a number of exciting, fun, and educational projects for our chapter and the community.

There are regular program meetings and field trips to both common and unique habitats in California. Visit the pages below to learn more about our Chapter. Join us at a meeting or a field trip.

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Kern Audubon Society
Tehachapi Chapter

Our local bird club is having their next meeting:

Tuesday Evening, April 29th

At 7:00 p.m. in

Golden Hills Elementary School Cafeteria
20215 Park Road

" Spring is in the Air "
Mary Dufrain


Our local birds are in breeding colors, singing their little hearts out trying to find the perfect partner who will help build their nests and raise their young. During this time birds consume and feed to their off-spring large quantities of crawling bugs and flying insects. One bird house installed in a garden will help control unwanted damaging pests greatly lessening a gardener's dependence on insecticides, saving money and crops. Nature's Organic Pest Control.

Come see the many different birds that can be attracted to your garden by placing the correct box in the correct spot.


Refreshments and a fundraising raffle are an added bonus.


The Kookabura, national bird of Australia

Kern Audubon Society
Tuesday April 8, 2014 - 7:00pm Please note the change in date, we are meeting the second Tuesday April 8th
Kern Supt of Schools,17th & L Sts.

"Birding Australia"

Presented by

John Eigenauer

Kookabura sits on an old gum tree
merry, merry king of the bush is he
laugh Kookabura, laugh Kookabura, gay your life must be!

Thus goes the old folk song about the national bird of Australia and one of the birds John Eigenauer will talk about in his coming presentation on birding in Australia. John will show pictures of his adventure and will cover the major families of birds found in Australia as well as discuss prominent birding areas one might consider when birding in Australia . John Eigenauer is a Professor of Philosophy at Taft College. He has been an avid birder for 6 years and in that time has birded extensively around the world. He especially likes tropical birding and has birded in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as well as Australia, Canada, and Europe. John previously presented an excellent program on birding in Panama to Kern Audubon, which included tips on travel, which he will talk about in his Australia program as well. John and his wife, Cece, are members of Kern Audubon and John serves on the Field Trip Committee.


Field Trips


Wednesday, April 16, 7:30 am - Fort Tejon & Quail Lake

Ranger Bill Moffat will lead this birding field trip to Ft.Tejon and its vicinity and then to the Quail Lakes area. Carpoolers will meet at the Stockdale Hwy/Hwy 99 Park n Ride located between Real Rd. & Hiway 99. Bring snack/lunch, water, binos, layered clothes. $10 gas donation for drivers. We will return after lunch. Call Bill for more info at 661-201-9279.


Sunday, April 27, 8 am - Tejon Ranch

Scott Pipkin, staff of the Tejon Ranch Conservancy, will lead this “tour & birdon the San Joaquin Valley side of Tejon Ranch. Carpoolers will meet at the Stockdale Hwy/Hwy 99 Park n Ride, leaving at 8 am. High clearance, 4 wheel drive vehicles are preferrable. We'll meet Scot at the Sebastian Rd Guard Station at 9 am. and will return to Bakersfield around 1 pm. Bring snacks, water, binos, $10 donation for drivers, and wear layered clothes. Call Bill or Deb for more info. at 661-201-9279 or 661-805 -0232.


April Workday at Panorama Vista Preserve

The next workday at the Preserve will be Saturday, April 12, 8-10 AM. With the arrival of spring, the foxtail grasses and tumble weeds have started to grow. Last month, our Audubon crew of Barbara Long, David Shaad, Andy Honig, Dana Adams, Harry Love, and Vicki Boehning (who also brought 6 Garces students!) started the necessary weeding and we’ll continue these tasks in April. What to bring: gloves, hat, water, and shovel/hula hoe. David Shaad will be the contact person for this month: or cell phone: 428-2841. Meet at the east end of Roberts Lane



Kern Audubon Society Sponsors Speakers Bureau

Want to hear about birds in Peru, kit fox in Bakersfield, Tule elk in Tupman? These are the subjects of a few of the talks made available to local groups by the Kern Audubon Society Speakers Bureau.

Organized by Dr. Ted Murphy, Past-president of Kern Audubon, the Bureau can provide a wide range of programs on conservation and wildlife. Speakers come from Kern Audubon, state and federal wildlife agencies, and other outdoor/conservation individuals and organizations in Kern County.

The programs are illustrated with color photos and last 30-45 minutes followed by a question/answer period. Most programs can be adapted to a shorter time period of 20-30 minutes, depending on the type of meeting. The only equipment needed is a projection screen. No fees are charged, but honoraria are accepted, usually as donations to Kern Audubon or another conservation organization.

Other subjects available are: The Antiquities Act: How the National Parks Were Established; Kern-Pixley National Wildlife Refuges; History of the Audubon Society; Climate Change -- Plants and Animals; Wildlife of The Galapagos Islands; Birds of Kern County; African Wildlife; The Early History of FACT, the Facility for Animal Care and Treatment; and, Land Preserves in Kern County. Topics are being added as To arrange a program for your group, call Ted Murphy at 661-325-0307 or


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