Audubon's Warbler

  The Audubon's Warbler photo in this site is used with the permission of Joseph V. Higbee. Throughout this site it is a link back to this page.

About Kern Audubon
Founded in Bakersfield in 1973, incorporated in 1979, Kern Audubon Society began a re-birth in 2006 after a four year hiatus. New and renewing members and officers are joining together to make the KAS a thriving environmental organization in Kern County. The Chapter has been re-certified by the National Audubon Society and we are planning a number of exciting, fun, and educational projects for our chapter and the community.

There are regular program meetings and field trips to both common and unique habitats in California. Visit the pages below to learn more about our Chapter. Join us at a meeting or a field trip.

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Kern Audubon

TUES. FEBRUARY 2, 2016 - 7:00pm
Kern Supt of Schools City Center
1300 L Sts. (17th & L)
Parking lot at 18th & K

“Bird Friendly, Drought Tolerant Landscaping”
Dr. John Karlik, Advisor

Environmental Horticulture/Environmental Sciences
Cooperative Extension Kern County

John Karlik is Extension Advisor for the University of California Extension program in Kern County, specializing in environmental horticulture and environmental science. His presentation will focus on practical suggestions for gardeners, especially related to creating a drought tolerant landscape. We will learn hands-on methods to conserve water, how to select decorative bird-friendly plants, and how to identify and eliminate water guzzling garden practices. Dr. Karlik is well-known in Kern County for teaching the popular Master Gardener certificate program through Kern County's UC Cooperative Extension program.


Field Trips

Black Skimmer (usgs photo)

Caspian Tern (USFW)

Sat. - Sun. Jan. 30-31 - Southern Calif Wildlife Reserve & Sanctuary

The field trip committee is planning a weekend birding opportunity in the southland! Sat. Jan 30 will be birding at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach in the morning followed by an afternoon visit to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine to check out the birds of the marsh, both migrant and resident. (geese, ducks, grebes, quail, pelicans & cormorants, herons, egrets, ibis, birds of prey, rails & coots, stilts & avocets, shorebirds, gulls & terns, skimmers, doves, hummingbirds, kingfishers, woodpeckers, flycatchers, vireos, crows & ravens, swallows, Wrentits & bushtits, wrens, kinglets & gnatcatchers, mockingbirds & thrashers, pipits & waxwings, warblers, towhees & sparrows, blackbirds & finches) On Sunday the group will join with Sea & Sage Audubon for a bird walk at the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve in Newport Beach (Orange Co.) to check out the seasonal shorebirds, ducks, grebes, herons & egrets, etc. that frequent the bay.  

If you are interested in this trip, contact Bill Moffat (201-9279) or Deb See (805-0232) for more information.


Sat. Feb. 6, 9:00am - Bakersfield area ponds
Al Caetano will lead this morning excursion (9am - noon) to three ponds: Oswell re-charge pond, Lake Ming and Hart Lake. Winter waterfowl and shorebirds should be observable and a good opportunity to practice ID skills. Meet at the recharge pond near the corner of Hiway 58 and Oswell. along the frontage road.Call Al for more information: 833-6705


Great Backyard Bird Count, February 12-15, 2016 -- Count birds wherever you are!


Sat. Feb. 20 - Tom Sawyer Lake, Tehachapi
Join leader Greg Hargelroad for a morning of birding at Tom Sawyer Lake and along Brite Creek. Recent rains have brought water to the lake and creek so we should see some interesting birds. Bakersfield birders should meet at the Park n Ride (Stockdale Hiway between Hiway 99 & Real Rd.) for carpooling to Tehachapi, meeting Greg and others at 8:00am. Dress warmly, bring water/snacks, binoculars. Call Greg for info: 818-645-3664.

Tuesday. Feb. 23rd, 8:30 am - Truxtun Lake
Bill Moffat will lead this outing around Truxtun Lakes where we can expect to see late migrants, wintering waterfowl, shorebirds and year-round residents. Beginning birders especially welcome! Meet at the Truxtun Extension parking lot between Mohawk and the painted watertower. Good walking shoes, water/snacks, binocs are suggested. Contact Bill (661-201-9279) for more information.

Sunday Feb. 28, 1:15pm - Kern & Pixley Nat'l Wildlife Refuges
Join us for an afternoon and early evening outing to nearby wildlife refuges. We will visit Kern NWR first to view late wintering ducks and shorebirds before traveling to Pixley NWR to watch the Sandhill Cranes as they fly onto the refuge at sunset. The cranes will head north in early March to their Canadian nesting grounds, so this is the last opportunity to see this beautiful spectacle of cranes and their haunting sound. Meet at the Rosedale Costco parking lot near the gas station. Bring snacks or sack dinner, binoculars, walking shoes. We will return by 7pm. Call Madi for info: 322-7470.



Happy New Year! On Saturday, February 13, 9-11 AM , we will have our monthly workday at the Preserve. Tasks will be to clear away grass and mustard from trees and drip lines. We will also clear out patches to plant milkweed seeds (the favorite plant of Monarch butterflies).Bring a hat, gloves, shovel/hoe, and water. Meet at the entrance gate at east end of Roberts Lane. Want to join the fun? Contact Harry Love ( 805-1420) for details and directi ons.



Kern Audubon Society Sponsors Speakers Bureau

Want to hear about birds in Peru, kit fox in Bakersfield, Tule elk in Tupman? These are the subjects of a few of the talks made available to local groups by the Kern Audubon Society Speakers Bureau.

Organized by Dr. Ted Murphy, Past-president of Kern Audubon, the Bureau can provide a wide range of programs on conservation and wildlife. Speakers come from Kern Audubon, state and federal wildlife agencies, and other outdoor/conservation individuals and organizations in Kern County.

The programs are illustrated with color photos and last 30-45 minutes followed by a question/answer period. Most programs can be adapted to a shorter time period of 20-30 minutes, depending on the type of meeting. The only equipment needed is a projection screen. No fees are charged, but honoraria are accepted, usually as donations to Kern Audubon or another conservation organization.

Other subjects available are: The Antiquities Act: How the National Parks Were Established; Kern-Pixley National Wildlife Refuges; History of the Audubon Society; Climate Change -- Plants and Animals; Wildlife of The Galapagos Islands; Birds of Kern County; African Wildlife; The Early History of FACT, the Facility for Animal Care and Treatment; and, Land Preserves in Kern County. Topics are being added as To arrange a program for your group, call Ted Murphy at 661-325-0307 or


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